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Katherine Highet Classical Harp performance at the "Afternoon Tea in Wonderland" fundraiser for the American Heart Association in Cherry Hill, NJ




Melissa Niemann


Published Author

Melissa Niemann has co-authored the book "Autism: Advancing on the Spectrum, From Inclusion in School to Participation in Life".

Melissa is a former Speech Therapist, classroom teacher and behavioral and cognitive therapist who now works as an ADOS examiner (Autism Diagnostic ObservationSchedule). In this role, she sees many children and families beginning their journey in a quest for a full and meaningful life for their child. Having witnessed the extraordinary growth of Katherine Highet from home therapy sessions to classroom, to community and college, she shares practical suggestions and encouragement to those who daily surround a child on the spectrum of autism. The courage and determination of Katherine and her family have inspired her belief that everyone can be part of a living legacy in the life of a child with autism.


Melissa is available as a speaker to share her experiences and lessons learned. Please contact her directly at




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