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Our newest release "Autism: Advancing on the Spectrum" is now available on Amazon.com hardcopy and Kindle version





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Our schedule is currently being updated please check again soon.




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Katherine Highet Classical Harp performance with the Westminster Conservatory Orchestra in Princeton NJ



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Maidin Works was started in 1998 and it's purpose was to promote young musicians. In 2011 the company has changed it's direction to help promote all arts and arists and all abilities. We want to help the public to get to know our artists and performers, see or hear what they can do, envision posibilities and help them get there.


We accomplish our mission by promoting their talents and their products via the internet. Our mission is to help them get heard seen in the vast internet perspective.



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Kats Cafe Website

Kats Cafe - A personal story of a young woman with autism who is one of our musicians: www.katscafe.com


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